Sunday 8 August 2010

My workspace

Okay, I'm now taking you on a tour to my workspace (aka "the desk", "the study", "where things happen"). Here's the shot from the staircase:

You see my newly-expanded desk (the cupboard to the side is the thing I build yesterday). My printer's sitting on top. The big grey folder is the master copy of "To Catch a Spy". There's a tea light holder from Turkey (red and golden light). My mouse (I'm a lefthander or "south paw"). The acrylic stapler. The big monitor. To the right, a holder with stuff - pens and sticky tape and rollerball refills. Random coins. Iphone. pen wallet with favourite pen. Underneath, a Moleskine notebook.

All the cables attached to the tower are iPhone cable, headphone cable, eReader cable. Sometimes I tidy them up, most of the time I ust make sure I don't roll over them.

Next one:

Same view from the other corridor (the one leading to the bathroom). Note the small shelf at the far end. On top, there's the books I'm currently using for reference - one on gorillas, one on the Third Reich, one on CIA issues (the latter one is for TCaS). A small black box holding more knicknacks (in this case, a single cufflink and a pen cartridge). In the corner, my smiling brass Ganesha, patron god of the arts, wisdom and overcoming obstacles.

And the last one:

Here, I'm showing off my new cupboard. Inside, far end, is paper for the printer. Note how it does look like it belongs to my desk (color of the handle matches colour of the legs). There's a box holding random stuff (in this case, tea lights and more cables). The red folder holds the print-out of "Scorpion and Steel"), the blue folder holds "Iron Cross". There they sit, patiently awaiting the day when the big grey folder holding "To Catch a Spy" is removed so they can ursurp that position.

And that's really it.

ETA: Just saw you can't see the Ganesha in the corner. Here he is:

I think that smile is irresistible. So far, when I look over, he just seems to remind me "hey, it's fun, smile. Enjoy yourself". And that does help at times. Reminds me to relax and just do it.


  1. Lovely tour. I like Ganesha. He looks serene. How about some shots of the artist at work?

  2. Everybody should have an elephant-headed god smiling at them while they work :)

  3. Very nice. Loving the Ganesha. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Oh, yes. I can totally see why you love that little statue. Even from a photo, he radiates all sorts of positive vibes. Thanks so much for sharing! <3

  5. My little assistant muse, Fiona, my daughter's Maltipoo (maltese & poodle) has a most pleasant smile, when she stays still long enough to show it. Ganesha has such a serene quality, I need that when I feel fractured. I'm on the hunt.

  6. Brita: Check out ebay - "brass Ganesha" is a good search term - you'll find them. They are sold by a shop in India.

  7. Thanks for sharing the pics - Your space is really coming together! Love all the details of items on your desk:) Great job on the cabinet, it definately looks like it is part of the desk. I imagined you in a room with books stacked all over the floor around you in piles - The German "sense of order" prevails!!

    love & hugs