Tuesday 7 December 2010

New era

I don't want to whine. I have some stuff to whine about - another lesson learnt the absolute worst way, but there objectively nothing to whine about. It's all in my head. Besides, getting the contract for the investment banking job and a start date is very awesome, whatever drop of bitterness might be in my water.

And I just received ANOTHER contract, this time for a book. "Scorpion", my first solo novel in... a while... was accepted by Dreamspinner and should be out at the beginning of May (in time for my birthday, maybe, even).

So. If anybody can explain why things that I've been waiting for for three or five and a half weeks all happen within six hours of each other, I'd like to hear about it. Raev thinks it's the universe trying to mess with my head. I start to agree. Has Mercury come out of retrograde today?

I have to get the magazine (my final issue) off to press. Much work to be completed. I'll end up running myself ragged, again. But soon is the Xmas break and New Year. There's no year where I've needed it more, to be honest.


  1. Congratulations on all the good things in your life. I am thrilled about Scorpion!, your new job, the less stressed Aleks, and the great review.

    No explanation for it all happening at once. Sometimes the goodies get stored up until you need them the most.

    Good for you, my friend. Happy for you.

  2. Congratulations on the sale of Scorpion! I'm so glad Dreamspinner contracted it - and that means it'll be out in paperback, too, won't it?

    And congrats on the fantastic review :D I bought Transit last month and very much enjoyed its quietness and the romance - a different direction for you to take but it suited the story, and both characters were lovely guys.