Sunday 6 February 2011

Reviews, a new computer and progress

Also, I (and Barbara Sheridan) was reviewed over at Elisa Rolle's blog - she reviewed "Risky Maneuvers", which tends to be more hated than loved.

In computer terms, I went out yesterday and bought a new computer. The last one was named "Nero", this one's called "Muse". It's a dual-core, 3GB RAM, 500 GB harddrive + nice shiny graphics card desk top. I needed to get a Logitech trackball mouse, because my previous mouse didn't have the right plug attached, and I acquired a new "dongle" to log into our house LAN. All set up and ready in a few hours. Using it feels like using a real computer. I'm also proud because I managed to NOT buy the triple-core ACER. That would have been excessive for what I'm doing with my machine.

I've pulled all my writing files from my online update service Carbonite, and the files I was working on from Dropbox. Installing the rest of my files from Carbonite took the night, but it's all set up now. I'll have to reorganize everything into folders and stuff, but everything else is done - and looks and feels amazing. Powers up and down really fast, and NOT running iTunes, which has been choking my computer with millions of enormous updating files, feels like my computer lost 30kgs of weight.

Talking about weight, I shed 7lbs in the last 9 days, but I still have one supermodel's worth of weight to go (we're talking heroin-look era supermodel). This so far only means the new food regimen works for me. Exercise is just fast walking, dumbbell exercises and squats/push-ups at the moment, but I'll be soon back in the gym, too.

And that's really it. I'll have to do some work on FOAT today and for the rest of the week or three or four (there are some quite serious rewrites necessary). But so far, the weekend's been a success.

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