Tuesday 7 August 2012

The unexpected novella

I've recently had the urge to write about Nikolai Krasnorada, Vadim's son. If you don't know who I'm talking about, you're not a Special Forces reader, but I hope the story will make sense to you anyway.

For those who do know what I'm talking about, rejoice, there's more Vadim coming your way. Despite the Noble Romance drama (no word yet from the new CEO of the company), I've been patiently tapping away, adding more words to words, and generally been chiselling away (though productivity was low and some weeks, absolutely nothing happened). I sometimes feel like a penguin who scoures the icy wasteland for stones to build a nest.

Well, this one's nearly done. The working title is kind of silly, but I'm calling the story Gold Digger (which is really a joke wrapped in a pun that may not work for anybody but me). Nikolai's probably the sanest of the Krasnoradas, and he gets to hang out with his father, sort out his family/father/commitment issues, and I'm hoping to leave him with a solid, hopeful Happy For Now/Happily Ever After ending. It's a gentle contemporary romance around the theme of family (and how our blood relations mess us up and how they can heal us), and some is unabashed fan service.

I was expecting this to hit around 15-20k when I started it, but obviously I was wrong again. It won't be a novel, but a chunky novella.

After that, I'm digging right back into WWII. I have two really good novels set in the period and I can't wait to get backwards in history after doing two contemporaries. I expect to spend the autumn/winter doing those two and a historical urban fantasy book I'm wrestling with (doing some outlining and brainstorming there).


  1. This is great news Aleksandr. I felt a bit sorry and caring for Nikolai and how he must have felt with Vadim's absence from his life. We did saw them try and achieve some relationship in "Veterans" but that was so little and I'm glad you decided to give him some more life. He's a lovely character and despite the drama in his life he indeed turned the saner of them all.

  2. Hi Thommie - thanks for commenting. Yeah, I was holding backon Nikolai because I didn't want to "dilute" the story too much. Pretty much all minor characters have some back story (I know things about Jean and Solange, for example, that are not in Special Forces), but Nikolai spoke to me strongest, so I ended up writing about him. I think he shows some real heart in Gold Digger. :)

  3. Sorry...that shrill little sound that just hit England was this fangrrls *squee*.

    Can't wait for this and thank you.


  4. I am thrilled with all this news. I am always happy to have a deeper look into the lives that made up Special Forces. More work with Amy Lane??? The reading gods are being very good to me. You two are a fierce combination. Looking forward to both releases!