Tuesday 22 January 2013

Who's your daddy?

The new year is 3 weeks old, and I've been incredibly busy with stuff. Mostly writing and editing, as can be expected. I have a number of releases lined up already - thanks to a shocking amount of productivity because of teaming up with LA Witt. I can't believe we wrote two novels, two novellas and two short stories  since we started working together somewhen in late October/early November?

As I write this, Quid Pro Quo has stormed the Amazon bestseller lists, hitting #13 and #17 in a couple, and around 3,000ish in the overall sales. I think it's the fastest-selling thing I've done in my life.

Four more things are in edits: two Market Garden novellas that link into each other are currently in developmental edits, which means they might jump on my desk any moment now. Our WWII novel had its guts torn out already. I've also completed the first edit of Scorpion, which will be re-released with a new edit and a new cover. So that's two novellas and two novels for 2013. I'm already feeling very productive.

And then I'll try to tackle the edits of the Market Garden novel (which is completed in first draft and is currently "resting"). Three novels and three novellas.

Extremely pleased, here. I'm hoping to add a few more during the year, but the "Oh my god, I have no releases for 2013!" panic is dealt with. It takes some pressure off, and I do want to write the Scorpion sequel between now and May, so that'll be a solo work I'm doing soon.

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  1. What's that you say? A steady supply of Mr. Voinov's work to keep me just this side of sated? ;)

    Nicely done luv!!