Thursday 21 March 2013

The voting has begun & update

I've been remiss about updating everybody on all the things that are going on - mostly because I stayed away from the internet a lot and then returned and despaired over the big pile that had accumulated. ANYWAY. Voting for DABWAHA has started, so do vote for your favourites:

In positive news, yesterday I've handed in Scorpion to be proofed and laid out, so all of that is on track. I'm hoping to really get into the sequel in the next few days (my hope focuses largely on the weekend, when I don't have a noisy team around me at work and should actually be somewhat rested - though Saturday is a birthday party and Sunday I'm meeting friends, so I guess it all might not be as productive as I'm hoping right now). Essentially, I'll try and look at outlining again, because right now, much of it is a muddle and the book doesn't have enough momentum to be written without one, so I'm back to the drawing board and trying to make use of the roughly 15k words I had before the book stalled (one of those where I got critique way too early and then decided writing something else would be easier than facing the terror f re-writing and re-drafting everything).

Right now, I'm mulling a few options, for example, to use a multi-POV, but somehow, the whole thing has always been about Kendras, and though he's not the most riveting POV I could imagine, he still has the farthest to go/to develop, so I think I'll stick with the single POV for the moment. Mostly, though I need to see some good progress, like a 5k writing session and a twist or turn that I love that that I didn't see coming. In any case, I'll sit down and try to make it happen, but first, I'm meeting a couple m/m peeps at Brick Lane for a curry and a chat, tomorrow I have evil dayjob-related work to catch up on, and the weekend is booked. Hopefully I can still cram in an hour or two. Above all, I need to seriously re-write those 15k, and especially the first scene, so expect me to ramble on about the process some more. This is the first time a second book has been such as bull to wrestle. 

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