Thursday 20 June 2013

Big news - and "hello!" to my Japanese readers

So that's the big news. Skybound has been released today in Japanese as part of a collection of stories in "Dear +" from Shinshokan. Print run is 10,000 copies, so, wow. Lots and lots of readers. So if any stumble over my blog - welcome! I hope you enjoyed it.

I seem unable to grab the cover from Amazon Japan, but here's the link. 

Also, the story comes with illustrations, and "my" translator, @wintzer on Twitter, was so kind to send me a photo.

It's always strange to see the characters "translated" into the visual medium (my image is always different from anything out there, but I also cannot possibly get it out the way I "see" them in my own head), the illustrator did a fantastic job. There's nothing I don't love about the image. The way it's set up, the way the Messerschmitt looms in the background, Baldur's uniform being as correct as I can ascertain and the way he's both cocky and a little gloomy, and then the look of exquisite bittersweet pain on Felix's face. It's amazing.

Excellent work. I'd put that up in my study if I can/could get my hands on it. (I think it might blow up a bit if you click on it here on the blog).

So, yeah. My day starts off full of excitement. While the publisher is going to send a copy, I'm just that impatient and will go hunting in a Japanese shop (Mitsukoshi) on Piccadilly for a copy. Wish me luck! :)


  1. おめでとうございます! Congratulations for the debut in Japan. I've been looking forward to the day when your title is introduced to BL fans here in Japan.

  2. Congrats! That's amazing, and the artwork is gorgeous!