Saturday 14 September 2013

Update on 2013 projects (Memory of Scorpions, Market Garden, Counterpunch 2)

I've just wrapped an editing pass on Scorpion 2 - aka Lying with Scorpions (LwS). There might be another pass with this editor, but it feels about 98% done. So that's good news.

I've made good progress on Scorpion 3. Right now, Kendras's story feels like three novels, so I'm 2/3 done telling it. I'll keep that in mind (almost done! almost done!) when it feels like a project that'll never end.

Editing LwS, I re-read the whole thing and feel a lot more positive about its internal tension and the level of writing. While gay fantasy isn't a huge seller, Scorpion as a solo novel has been rock steady for two years in terms of sales, and I'm hopeful for books 2 and 3. More importantly, I'm quite happy with how the second part has turned out. Now all I have to do is not fuck up book 3.

My deadline for book 3 (Taste for Poison - or TfP) is mid-October. If I'm really good and manage to focus, I might yet pull that off.

There'll also be a novella about Widowmaker (likely titled Widowmaker). I'll write that after TfP, because the character demands it, though I'm still wrestling with the form and shape. No deadline yet on it, but should be a solid month's work. I might do that for NaNoWriMo.

I'm tempted to write a book about Adrastes, eventually. That'll be a short novel, I think (45-60k), but that's quite possibly a little ways off. It's not necessary for the Memory of Scorpions series, and I can feel a slight fatigue for fantasy setting in. I think I'll have to switch genres after Widowmaker.

That's all solo work.

In terms of co-written books, Lori and I have several things going. One is a novel for Samhain that's now 90% done and we're currently negotiating contracts.

Since some people have asked, yes, Market Garden will go on. It's fun to write, and it's the only of my stuff that hits any bestseller lists, but more importantly, we have quite a few more stories to tell and they'll run the gamut from light and short and sexy to somewhat meatier and heavier-going novels. Basically, whatever fits the characters. Right now, If It Drives is in edits, which is a short novel about Red Tie and his driver, as introduced in If It Fornicates.

There'll also be a story wrapping up Tristan and Jared's arch, and Raoul gets a book, too. We might even write a straight romance about Emily (I love her) and another book about Geoff and Mike (who already hinted that they had a "rocky start", so we're intrigued to check that out, though they aren't really directly connected to Market Garden). I'd love to write Frank and Andrew's story, but since it's quite depressing, we probably won't, regardless of how intrigued I am by the whole "civilising through love" angle in there.

We're also about 60% or so done with another WWII historical, which needs a bit more research.

Those bolded projects should carry me into about January/February, at which point I'll switch my attention to a couple literary historical gay novels, while co-writing more Market Garden, which should continue at least into 2014, if not longer.

All that assumes I manage to write at least 1,000 words a day, and the last week has been extremely patchy on that level. Sometimes I hit the goal, sometimes I don't, and last week was basically a complete wash. So, yeah, we have 3.5 months left in the year. I better go and make some words happen.

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