Sunday 27 October 2013

Wrapping Scorpion3

I've been working hard on Scorpion3 (currently titled "A Taste for Poison", though I'm now less sold on the title than I was) - and I hit 40k.

I've also overrun three deadlines and am likely causing no end of grief.

That said, I can feel the ending now. At least one twist isn't happening because the characters are pretty smart and avoided getting trapped in a siege, so that's . . . at least 5k of words that won't have to be written because the characters were smarter than the outline suggested. I'd have loved to write a "proper" siege, and I will, eventually, but it won't be the Siege of Gorge Point. Which is a bit of a shame, but I can't cram it in against the characters' better judgement.

Scorpion3 right now looks like it'll be over fairly soon. "Soon" meaning about 20k left to write. Maybe 15k, depending on how efficient they are in dealing with the last two enemies. So it's very likely it'll be quite a bit shorter than the others (which are both in the 70-80k range). I really don't want to cram in more scenes and plots or slow the whole thing down. I think the pacing is good, and I hate the snail pace of most epic fantasy.

Above all, I'm quite curious whether they'll manage to negotiate themselves some peace and how Kendras will respond to finding out who he is. Generally, he's grown a whole lot. He's now a mature, responsible leader, and much better at communicating. He's also very much in love.


I'll be overrunning deadline number 4, but likely not by very much now that I've found the groove again and am working hard to retain it. Every writing day I've had, I've surpassed my daily writing goal, which is a good sign. I've been posting a couple slices of it on Tumblr (obviously pre-edits).

I'll be sad to let the characters go. I'm also really ready to move on. I do want to do NaNoWriMo with a short novella (~30k) on Widow, and maybe a joint project with LA Witt. In December, then, I'll be working on Counterpunch2, and will hopefully wrap that book by end-December, so I can start fresh in January with my historical novel that's been languishing.

So, yeah, 2013 is basically done and planned. All I have to do is to put the words in the right place, and then a spot of editing. 

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