Monday 24 February 2014

And along came Lori

So, LA Witt has been in my house for more than a week, and while we haven't done much sight-seeing, we've been writing like crazy people, so there's a new book coming fairly soon, since we already have about 60k on that one. It's all raw and needs editing, but we've been doing about 10k/day, unless we're doing other stuff.

And it's hilarious, so I'm assuming we're writing a romantic comedy about two writers. Lots of jokes and insider jokes, and more or less subtle digs at how things work and the crazy-making stuff. Much of that might end up cut, but it's cathartic to write them.

We have a crazy plan to do 2-3 novels until 6 March. Granted, one of them is already half written and only requires finishing up, so it's not too crazy to think we can do this.

I'm becoming more and more at peace with the whole idea I won't be full-time employed in 2014 and just focus on increasing royalties, aka, write more, publish more and hopefully fret less about what's going to sell and what won't. It's a pretty sweet life generally and I'm not complaining when so many people have it so much worse.

That said, GRL registrations rolled around and so many people really wanted to meet me (and I promised, because I wanted to see them too), I've done the numbers of expected income in case I don't find an adequate job (and there's precious little out there), and I can't swing the $2,000 it'll likely cost. I'm going with the worst-case scenario and in that, there's no way I'll do much travelling, let alone do non-UK conferences which add costs like swag and admission fees and hotel. I might swing a couch-surfing kind of holiday, but I'll know closer to the end of the year how much money I'll have for travelling.

What money I do have I'll spend on learning an alternative career that focuses more on healing/helping people while keeping my freedom. I'm confident things will look very different in 2015, and I should be ready for the alternative career in 2015, too.

But I hope everybody who got in will have a ball of a time. Have a drink on me, and I should see you at GRL in 2015, if not earlier in Bristol or elsewhere. 

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