Monday 14 April 2014

And a slight re-schedule...

In the attempt to spend more time with my partner, we're currently watching Game of Thrones in the evenings. My feelings for the show are pretty mixed; I think there's loads of stuff that's extremely problematic, and quite a few things I like. However, I've also been spoilered by the internet, so the whole Robb plotline kind of doesn't have the same impact. I think we're pretty much united on how much we're enjoying Cersei, though, and Lady Olenna has certainly made an impact. Otherwise, as a historian, I'm finding all the bits and bobs "loaned" from history amusing.

In writing/editing terms, I've got a novel edit back and am currently making my way through. And after much planning and hand-wringing and re-planning, I decided to place the historical novel on the backburner again. After pushing that book around for about three years, three more weeks won't make that much of a difference.

There's also going to be more about Silvio and Franco in 2015, which means writing all that by September. So, yeah, four novels to write by September, and that's just solo stuff. I expect we'll do at least 1-2 more Market Garden books and a co-written historical in the same period.

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