Saturday 23 September 2017

A new cover for a little bird

Most of you know that Nightingale has a very special place in my heart, and I'm not even going to repeat why, like the sheer amount of time, energy, workshopping and love that went into that book.

It was also the canary in the coal mine - I didn't feel comfortable with it going to a publisher, for example (any publisher, really), so in many ways it started me off on my self-publishing journey, and I'm not regretting a minute of that. The book showed up in my life as a kind of omen. I listened. It changed everything, and eventually I realised it was all for the better.

It's gone through more versions of covers than almost all my books (except Deliverance), but now I have a cover I actually love, and it's from the usual suspect, Tif. I find historical covers fantastically difficult (clothing, people, colours?), but Tif nailed it all in her glorious, clear, understated way. I love this cover very much. And to celebrate the equinox and this bird's "new life", I've also dropped the price everywhere (to $2.99, £2.49, and €2.99) for a while.

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