Monday 27 November 2017

Regarding Market Garden

I've posted this on Twitter and Facebook, but not on the blog (yet):

As people keep asking about the Market Garden series (got quite a few messages and emails recently), unfortunately, the whole series (and some other books) is currently in limbo. Despite our best efforts, my lawyer and I couldn’t secure a deal that would work for all parties. 
This means, broadly, that there won’t be any more MG and no sequels to some other books. I did have about 4 more MG books planned, and I’ve told people about them at cons. I hate to break my word like that – but with the books in limbo, I can’t write or publish them. I can't even use some of the characters. The way it looks right now, there won’t be any more of those books – and even if we manage to get a deal, the earliest I can see more of them happening is 2022, as my schedule fills up with other projects.

It's quite painful, but it does have upside. I have a dozen more urgent projects and that should tide me over, though I’m not holding my breath. In addition, I’ve moved on creatively and emotionally – there really is no point crying over spilled milk. There's no use pondering “what ifs” and “I wish I coulds”, I rather focus my energy and time on the Witches, fantasy and historical novels. They should be awesome and I'm greatly looking forward to finishing Julian's book. 

In news NOT related to this, I expect to no longer engage in co-writes unless it's Rhi Etzweiler or Jordan Taylor (or one project outside of that). You'll get me solo and pure (and slower) from now on.

Most people know but this is just in case you didn't. Of course this is very good news for people who didn't like the “quick and easy" co-writes and felt they diluted my style/voice and lacked the in-depth character exploration as well as refinement. You guys win. It’s also great news for those who prefer my historicals and fantasy novels and more Witches books. They might be slow, but they’re coming. The future (and present) is awesome.

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