Friday 6 August 2021

Burn this City - cover reveal

 Just popping in to reveal the cover for Burn this City - as usual by the amazing Tiferet Design.

The book can be pre-ordered here and will be released on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on 13 September. I'm still working on some edits to polish the text. This is most likely going to be my final M/M book (I might wrap up some manuscripts that are half-written, but there are no deadlines attached to that and I might just publish them on my A03 account when the time comes) before I embark on a new journey in historical fantasy. I'm really quite proud of it and think it'll be a great swansong. In any case, I hope you'll enjoy it. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey man. Gorgeous cover as always. Sad to see it's a swan song, but I'm glad to see it's also panning out well for you.

    You've been a major inspiration to me re: the question, "can gay men write romance about gay men and succeed?". At the same time, I'm also glad that other genres are starting to become less hostile to LGBT leads.

    To a beautiful future,
    -Napoleon A. Chase