Friday 30 April 2010

One last day with sock boy

Back at my desk for one last work day before the long writing & birthday weekend.

This place starts to feel really alien - most productive and competent colleague is leaving today, leaving behind me and two "old hands" who'll leave in one week and then the next. Apart from disenchanted me, who's dreaming of better days, there's the New Girl who's still awfully shy and getting trained - it took me about a month before I had any kind of confidence/understanding of my job, and "sock boy", as I call the new "team leader".

I call him sock boy because he has all the manners, refinement and personal charm of a wet pair of socks left to moulder for a few weeks behind the washing machine. The general sentiment in the team with regards to him can be read by the fact that when he sneezes, nobody says "bless you", but the collective thought bubble over our heads it "hope it's something serious." Clearly destined to be a Leader of Men, that guy.

Me, I have three leads for new jobs, one interview already lined up for Wednesday, and the job agents are putting me forward to jobs at other places - one is a rating agency, the other's our direct competitor and the top dogs' favourite enemy, judging by the constant jibes against them during our pointless, self-indulgent "general assembly" exercises. A bit like Hate Week. After how things went here, I'm looking forward to join the competition and compete the hell out of this place.


  1. I do! It's more fun than being bored or getting a tooth removed. :)

  2. Guess that internal move didn't work out? :(

  3. They hired the former editor of the rival magazine who had 10 years experience in the segment...

  4. But Cat - you MUST come visit and meet sock boy. He's so special I want to keep him in a terrarium. Or maybe an aquarium. With water. Tied to a big stone.

  5. Ah hell. That sucks. :(

    Have I not met Sock Boy? I thought he was... um... Romanian.

  6. *lol* - no, he's OK. Sock boy is Scots, I think. I'm bad at telling them apart...