Sunday 18 July 2010

More progress

I've finished the edits of chapter 20 of "Mercenaries" that Alison sent me. Looks good, so I updated the "Mercenaries" file on my website with it.

Beyond that, I didn't really do all that much. I'm heading off to Cambridge tomorrow to attend a conference and hope to get some reading done on the train. (Two hours total, plus some time on the tube). I hope to get some stuff fixed regarding the Tarzan project and get some more words in on that this week, but it's been very very slow.

I'm pushing the scorpion story on the backburner. It's not coming together, and it might fall apart completely. I don't know. Sure hope to salvage it when the time comes. I did like writing fantasy again, but at the moment, duty and deadlines come first.


  1. Poor Scorpion. At least you got to do the fantasy thing you like, so thas good. :)

    Have a good week :))