Sunday 11 July 2010

Writing mojo is back

I just wrote 2k on the scorpion story - which brings us up to 24k. There's some epic emotions in there, and some of that was pretty damn intense to write.

So looks like the Ganesha is working. :) Have to find some sweets to offer to him, but fact is, we don't have anything like that in the house.

I cleared out one of the last few boxes in the library. We're getting there, clearly. There's only 2 boxes left now. Will have to hang clothes and shirts and vet some more stuff, but I'll soon be able to show photographs of the library.

Other than that, I've rediscovered my mad love for Hammerfall, and discovered Stratovarius. Will have to get an iTunes card and load up on them. Next thing I'll buy is a stereo system with a docking station for my iPod and an external harddrive for my music. Three weeks until I get paid. July is pretty damned long.

And I've started a new project.


  1. A new project? Woohoo. I'm excited to find out what it is.

  2. I'll talk more about it once it's coming together - so far it's a beginning and a disjointed scene and not much more (still, 22k already). I'm hoping to make this a novel, but first I'll have to do a lot more research. Even though I know my way around the general setting, this is one corner of it that's pretty new to me, too.