Saturday 9 October 2010

Been a week

It's been a week. Most of all, it's been a busy week. Not only did I work pretty hard for money, but I also wrote a ton of words. "Scorpion" is now at more than 47k, and I think I have enough to reach 60k. There are a few scenes that I need to expand, too, and I need to brush it all and polish and file off the hard edges. Then temper it.

So I did something like 10k last week, plus lots of things at work. This weekend, I had originally planned to finish my novel, but then I got something else to do for work work, and since that pays the mortgage, it has priority. I'll still try and get past 50k and play around with it a bit more. Should be doable.

Nothing else much to report. We got the edits for "Transit" as well as the finished cover.

Next week will be pretty tough, since I have to read and understand a lot of really technical legal stuff - here I thought I'd escaped law after two semesters... but apparently the bitch has now caught up with me. It does have its advantages, though. In my part of the capital markets, the legal stuff is getting more and more important, and if I acquire all that knowledge once it'll stand me in good stead for at least another two years.

I'll do a little "Scorpion" tomorrow and on Sunday, but I expect it to be in the area of 500 words each. Which is still a lot of progress and puts me well on track to finish that novel before I fly to America.

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  1. I'm going to give this a try. I wasn't but the blurb makes it sound like a Shawn Lane comfort read and I need those from time to time.