Saturday 2 October 2010

The plot, it has arrived

I plotted the second half of "Scorpion", so I know now where it's all going and when. The muse plays ball, which is great. Seems he wants to get done as much as I want to move on, too.

No news yet on either of the submitted novels. I'm reasonably optimistic that I'll publish three novels next year - the question is with which publisher. And honestly, while I'm chasing the muse around, I don't even particularly care. I'm plenty busy just getting the current scene down and writing the next one. I can feel the next two project push against my brain, trying to get lodged in and turn into proper brain parasites that take over my life and my thoughts.

Yeah, I'll now write the outline for Scorpion and move stuff around and make it all shiny. The main question at this point is if Steel lives or dies - if he dies, I know who'll kill him. Maybe that settles it.

I found the music to write this stuff with - "In Extremo" is a great band to write fantasy with. I need to get their remaining CDs/iTunes downloads. My collection is woefully incomplete.

1 comment:

  1. Steel lives or dies? Your muse has a vicious streak! We'll blame it on him anyway. Can't wait to see how this plays out. Steel lives or dies... she mutters as she goes back to her muse-hijacked vamps.

    Is hijacking a British muse trait?