Wednesday 29 June 2011

Maurice Chevalier on the artistic process

"It all boils down to instinct, good or bad. Artistic creation must be spontaneous. It comes from the heart; it has to pass through the brain; and still one needs the guts, and good old indispensable technique, to bring it to the light of day. That at least is how I see the process, not that I have ever been able to pin it down very exactly in my own case. You hear a voice inside. You obey it, and produce whatever it told you to produce; and then you wait and see. And oh! The trouble you're in for."

(He's part of my reading for the Two Birds book.)


  1. Yes. That's it. That's it indeed.

  2. Beautiful quote :)
    I might have to print it out and tape it to the wall, so I don't forget.

  3. I figure a guy who was at the top of his profession for like 50-60 years has learnt one or two things we can learn from him. Very nice guy... currently reading his biography.