Saturday 11 June 2011

On behalf of a friend

Okay, I try not to do this as often as it might be required (there's a lot of scarcety out there). But this one's pretty close to the bone.

My very *very* lovely co-writer 's cat has swallowed sewing thread and needs surgery. Since Gil's a poor student, that surgery is like 1/6 of their yearly income. Gil's already selling off their books to pay for it and getting a second job.

If you enjoyed Collateral or The Trick Is (both here), which are both free and co-written with Gil, and if you have a buck left over, please consider donating it to Kolya's surgery fund. You'd be helping an immensely talented author and a close personal friend of mine who went above and beyond the call of duty to help me through some rather unpleasant times back in 2007.

More info and a photo here.

Thank you very much.


  1. Paypal seems dubious about her registration. Can you confirm that the email she quotes is correct?

  2. To Lovely Anonymous Person: Anne_from_Xanth AT yahoo DOT com is my PayPal e-mail address--very old account, mostly defunct. gileonnen AT gmail DOT com is the address you use if you want to ask me to write/draw you something for your trouble.

  3. I pressed the Donate button on this site:

  4. Thanks, both, and best of luck with the fund raising.