Monday 24 September 2012

Intermission (Gold Digger giveaway)

I'm quickly dropping by to link you to the Gold Digger giveaway (not doing a whole tour this time, mostly because I was on holidays during launch week).

So, take a look at this shiny:

This handmade artisan piece in silver with a tiger eye cabochon is made by Freia Inguz Jewelry. Tiger eye is the stone that really works best for Nikolai - first, there's gold, but there's also hidden depth. Plus, it lends great vision and insight (and Nikolai is pretty perceptive).

This little treasure can be yours if you comment here:

I'll be dropping in an out all week and chat and answer questions, before I drop off for a while and work on my novel. :)

So, let's celebrate Gold Digger. Good luck on the draw!


  1. I would rather have the book than the pendant, but then all is good. The story sounds like it will be a wonderful read and might even get read more than once!!!

  2. I have not read this book yet but I really was intrigued and loved the Counterpunch novel. I have since purchased the dark soul novel and have yet to finish it. GREAT Stuff! thanks for sharing your works. no idea why it wont accept my livejournal membername :( sorry about that.