Sunday 14 October 2012

If you can spare a dollar (or a pound, or a euro/currency unit of choice)

There's one money collection drive that's currently actually keeping me up at night. In a way, it's too close to home--with a trans person involved, and both these people trapped in a country that can be unmerciful to those in need (economy down, health service free but far from perfect, also under pressure to save money). Add to that homophobia, transphobia and a chivalric guy's desperate wish to take care of his partner.

Yeah, it keeps me up at night. I've donated some, but I have a crapload of expenditures this month, too - which I saved for, so I'm OK, it just leaves me little space for maneuver right now.

I'm thinking to divert time to do either free fiction for people who donate (or have already donated, I know a few of my friends have, and thank you!), or adding a donor's name to a book in the "dedication/thank you" section). I don't know what would work. I could donate proceeds from my next release, only that I don't have one upcoming (the next is planned to be the WWII novel, which isn't done). And ideas?

I could move the Gold Digger sequel forward, but that would definitely mean the WWII novel won't get done on deadline--I have ten weeks to write ~50k words, which in itself is pretty tight already (and I'm currently not writing).

I don't know. I'll think of something. Maybe inspiration will strike.

If you do feel the need to do something good and can spare the cash, follow the link here:

If you do donate, let me know what I can do to say "thank you" for your kindness and generosity to these people.

Thank you!


  1. I wanted to let you know that I did donate but that I didn't need anything from you luv. Happy to help!

  2. Managed a tiny amount - living on benefits means very little disposable income. Trying to work out if I there's anything else useful I can do.

  3. I don't have much because I have a lot of upcoming expenses as well, but I will donate what I can, and I've signal boosted over at Tumblr. I have a lot of trans/trans-activist friends and followers there so hopefully it will help. There's no need to do anything for me, of course. I'm happy to help however I can.

  4. I just donated. I demand a hug whenever I get to actually meet you :P

    Actually, I don't like being touched, so a pleasant smile will do :)

  5. Donated yesterday. Thought to check out how they were doing. They've blown through their initial goal of $2k. They've now raised enough for a visa and airfare combined. Thanks to people like you, Aleks, who raised the signal, so the rest of us could help. Sleep well tonight, you did good.

  6. I just made a donation, and it seems they've almost made their goal.

    I know I should have done it based on purely altruistic motivation, but since you offered...doing a signing or appearance or basically anything here in the States (particularly NYC) would be a great way to say thanks lol.

  7. I've just been alerted to the fact that you posted this on your blog by someone who donated and wanted to send you my sincerest thanks. It means a great deal to us that you have spent time writing this post to get the word out there.

    Thanks to kind people like yourself, we can now afford the visa application fee and associated medicals/translations/certifications/police certificates etc. We're still trying to raise more for the flights, but the kindness of you and your fans has helped immensely.

    I am just so incredibly grateful. Thank you.