Wednesday 11 June 2014

Update on current WIPs and life

LA Witt is currently at Heathrow and boarding--she stayed with me for three weeks and we used the time well to travel short distance (Brighton, Rochester, Bristol), do cultural stuff (Viking exhibition at the British Museum) and meet lots of friends and writers, because we were both pretty exhausted overall (LA more than me, but she's also working harder), and that's what I do when my brain's running empty. We went to the queer book club meeting, too, and obviously attended the UKMeet in Bristol.

So apart from 20k on a shared book, we didn't get a whole lot done, admittedly, but all we need is maybe 5-7 days to wrap up the shared project once Lori's recovered from going across the Atlantic, so that book will happen before the month is up.

In terms of novels, A Taste of Poison has gone through the next editing step and I'm now awaiting the verdict from the proofer/s. Meanwhile, I got another set of edits on Return on Investment (pretty heavy ones), and need to go through the whole monster another time to do another fact check against some comments from a friend who's worked in the same field. I'll likely obscure some firms/facts, too, just to be safe. I fully expect to be done with Return on Investment by the end of the month. Then things very much depend on layouters and converters.

Other than that, not much to report - I'm studying for my anatomy & physiology exam and re-reading some of my old books (Incursion and Dark Soul). Hoping to type up the notes I've used for the keynote speech in Bristol (people have been asking for them), and getting back in control of my inbox. Highlights of Bristol include meeting people, listening to LA Witt doing her stand-up comedy routine, an OCD Cobb salad (ingredients were sorted by colour) and getting fan-art for Unhinge the Universe and Skybound.

Life's good.

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