Friday 27 June 2014

Gainful employment

A couple days ago, a headhunter sent me a job spec, and while it's journalism, it pays a lot more like editing for banks, at which point I'm game (yeah, I'm a bit of a mercenary when it comes to my time). Had the interview two days ago, which went well, did their job test yesterday, and that went well too. Sent it to them at about 17:00, and got a call from the headhunter this morning at 10:00, telling me they loved my responses and he expects them to offer or ask me to a second-round interview. And about an hour later he calls me telling me they offered and I must have blown them away during the interview because they saw a million people and getting the job offered after one interview is extremely rare.

So basically I'm just waiting for the details on the benefits package, but the one thing I asked for in negotiations was that I can work from home one day a week, which they gave me, so I expect my stress levels to be manageable overall.

I was quite torn whether I'd take the job, but on the pro side, I'd be a LOT less poor and the house would get paid off in a few years, which is my main financial cost. I'll also be able to refill my war chest and build up reserves for the day when I will quit the rat race. And I can afford a couple operations/teeth-related things I want to get done, as well as writing-related stuff like conferences. On the con side, I'll have a lot less time for my change in career and writing. On the pro side again, I'll have to rely less on being able to write stuff that's expected to sell, so I can write more non-commercial books without committing financial suicide or having to worry about yield. I'll even be able to hire pro editors at their pro rates to build up a self-publishing backlist that will feed me in my old age.

Basically, I'm in a good position. Moreover, it's a good company with good people and an interesting challenge. Essentially, I'm re-animating a title that's in stasis, hire a team to support me and do quite a bit of writing features/news as well as strategic planning. Those were the bits I've always loved, just this time I'm properly paid and supported, unlike in the other places where I was supposed to spin gold from nothing, despite not actually being a miracle-worker.

So, yeah, back in the office from 7th July. My bank account is breathing a sigh of relief.


  1. Yaaay! Happy for you:D You'll die writing, so giving up some time to earn some money isn't a bad trade-off. Hope you'll be happy in your new job and yes, I'm looking forward to seeing you self-publishing, even though they won't be books I'd read. I'd be happy just knowing you're doing what's close to your heart. Be well, friend:)

  2. Hi have been following u on your post s for a while glad to hear things are going well and the financial pressure is off for a while, looking forward to your new book out soon and just wanted to say have loved Gold Digger and its one of my re reads to feel good. Good luck and happy writing the stories that make u happy.