Thursday 17 July 2014

Stories of future past

First of all, thanks, guys, for supporting me during the launch of Return on Investment (ROI). Thanks to you, I'm just a few copies away from making my initial investment back, which means I'm hitting one of my two financial goals for it, and the second one seems a lot more achievable. Today, too, ROI is #1 in Financial Thrillers on I will refrain from calling it an Amazon #1 Bestseller, though, I promise.

ROI is quite steady - after an initial sales burst of 60 copies, it's now selling 10-20 copies a day. Feedback on the price so far is that people think it's "fair"/"worth it", which takes one worry away. I see so much price-dumping in the market that I felt positively intrepid to demand more than $5 for the book. Thanks for paying it, it's greatly appreciated.

My own writing is currently on hold as I get to grips with my new job, but I've recently had reason to dig up my pre-romance works (of which ROI is one). My characters usually had a love story going, but the books themselves weren't romances, and some of them are still very present in my mind.

So I'm thinking, as I struggle to write new things (I'm in "editing mode"), I'll polish up some old stuff and self-publish it. There's fantasy novels and some short fiction, and some stories that just need a translation. I'll also do Skybound in German. So while I'm not strictly writing right now, editing can be turned to productive ends too, and I think it'll be worth it--chances are, if I can't forget some of these stories after 10 or 20 years, they might be worthwhile for my readership. Anyway, I'll keep you updated on that. Mostly, I think it will be refreshing to not do classic romances for a while; i'm not romanced out, but my Muse is definitely pulling into a different direction... the historicals, the moody mood pieces, the Crusades political and military thriller... all of them currently have a much stronger hold over my imagination than any contemporary romance.

I'll still make it worth your while. :)


  1. I'm halfway through ROI. Best 5.99 I've spent in years! My excitement on your launch was dampened a little on seeing it listed in the Kindle Unlimited, though, but happy for you that you're close to hitting your target.

  2. Thank you!

    I'm not a fan of Kindle Unlimited and wasn't even informed they'd give my book away for WAY less than my normal royalty rate. (Normally, I make $4.11 per sale, thanks to Kindle Unlimited/Lending, I make $2.1). That is a bit of a hit when you have costs to produce the book and hope to earn enough that you can produce the next one, too, and maybe even get paid a little bit for the hundreds of hours of work.

    So, yeah, doubtful I'd have signed up for it if I had known, to be honest.