Friday 4 July 2014

Work-related writing hiatus

In preparation for going back to work on Monday, I've cancelled all work I expected to be able to do--one of them was a co-written German fantasy novel that won't happen now (partly because it's time-sensitive), and the other is a novella for a military anthology that is on a deadline and I didn't get around to it. So I'm generally killing all "maybe" and "hopefully" projects.

With the amount of work I have to do with the massage diploma and with the demands of running a magazine in a new-to-me industry, experience tells me I won't have time for much else, and writing fiction will be the least of my problems until I've found my feet, which tends to take a few months.

That means I'm taking six months off writing. I will still have to do edits (Lone Wolf and Counterpunch), but I'm not going to enforce or even try for a wordcount, or promise any stories to anyone. The idea is to take all pressure out of my tertiary career while I get my primary career under control and the qualifications for my secondary career in place. For readers, book will continue to be released until end of the year, so any gap that happens will happen in 2015.