Monday 4 July 2011

A book of three birds

I've been joking that my current book is the tale of three birds: a nightingale, a hawk, and the albatross of an author trying to get the thing off the ground.

For weeks, I've been writing 300-500 words per day, and some days nothing at all. Well, yesterday I wrote 3,700 words in one day, which, I guess, is my Muse's way of apologising or ensuring I'm not throwing the towel.

The story now stands at just under 13k, the pieces are mostly in place (I'm missing one major character), and, to stay with the albatross image, the bird is hobbling along and seems now to have moved on from ungainly running to a hint of sailing. Ideally, there will be an uplift or a cliff or something that should help with gaining altitude.

I assume this will end up at 40k+, so definitely novella length. The related research is fun and never ceases to amaze me.

Today, work at work is extremely slow, so I did some fact-checking and very light-touch editing. The beginning will need some rewrites, but I think the overwhelming majority of this is as solid as can be. I really would liket o finish it this month, or maybe August. And after that - more historicals.

On a sidenote, I watched "Cabaret" yesterday, which is three years older than I am. Very surprised to see a m/m/f menage in there and a bit bummed that it didn't work out. Loved all the nods and winks to other stuff, like Otto Dix's paintings. Well worth watching, with an awesome Liza Minelli.

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