Tuesday 19 July 2011

A fractal of images

Of course I've been writing. I've been writing another short story with the characters from "Dark Soul", and I'm increasingly realising the shape of this project. It's less of a series of shorts and more something "fractal" - while time progresses, it doesn't actually have an overarching plot and is more looking at one aspect of the main character. Which brings with it all kinds of potential issues about publishing them.

I can't WAIT for "Deliverance" to go out of contract largely because I want to fix a continuity mistake I've made there. (Well, which means that'll get fixed eventually) In this case, I feel like holding back all these stories until they are all written so I can treat and fix them like one unit. Because in a way, they are.

Of course, writing 13k in 4 days or so has its disadvantages (like a hundred more emails in my inbox that need dealing with) - it's also 13k I didn't pour into the two birds book. As I did pretty much nothing else (that includes the research for the short story, which saw me revisiting, at least in spirit, one of the most beautiful places on earth - Tuscany, Italy), I'm way behind and will have to re-start the two birds book.

As it's reporting season at the bank (meaning, the analysts are writing their little hearts out), I'm pretty busy at work, and fully expect to pull some serious overtime due to the catastrophe about to happen in one of our continental offices, where a big report is heading towards an, as yet, impenetrable wall at breakneck speed, its drivers unwilling to listen to any frantic shouts of warning from London.

We are all foreseeing a prime opportunity for We Told You So, but we all wish we weren't first in line to fix the crash. Lovely.

Anyways, the 13k short is done, just needs editing, and I'm now back to my birds and working out in my head what I want the other short stories to look like.


  1. Just dropped by to catch up on the blog tonight. Better late than never. I have to agree with you about Tuscany. Loved it there! We can't wait to go back. I'm not sure when that will happen, but it must. Glad the writing is flowing. :D

  2. Yes - heaven would be living and writing in Tuscany. Maybe in retirement. It's certainly something to work towards to. :)