Monday 28 June 2010

First Day

I feel much better equipped to start work here than in about any other place I've ever worked. And I reckon I'll be busy. They are so many things and routines to remember, I'll get some more training (libel and plagiarism, the double-scourges of the digital-age journalist). Will likely write some first news stories today, then will get involved in editing the current month's magazine.

I reckon I must be an awesome person to get his job and that people believe I can do it to their satisfaction. Then again, it's really just stepping up my game (yes, A LOT) from what I've done. May end up doing awesome things here.

Office is very nice, I have a corner desk, back to the filing cabinets, so no more sales people shouting in my back. It's generally much quieter than the old place, so no need to drone out ambient noise/sales people with industrial and heavy metal.

Got my pass key, have some paperwork to fill in, and really get to know the industry as soon as I can. It's huge, it's active, it's so very complex, and "lifelong learning" doesn't begin to cover it. And it's now all mine, MUAHAHAHA.

In terms of writing/creativity, I did answer a lot of writing-related emails yesterday, and did some work for eXcessica, which had been piling up around me. There's only one more of those to do and that's it.

The scorpion story has more than 18k words and looks like it may end up a full novel. Possibly. At least it's not a trilogy, but I keep gauging the depths of that project and get the feeling there's a lot of stuff and plot I don't know yet.
But of course, gauging length only works when you're around 90% done. "This is almost it", the muse says, and then I add around 10% for general tidying up.

Today, I'll look at the old flat, toss some stuff out and that should be all ready for handover on Wednesday. After that I only have to worry about one house, and the garden, of course.

Germany won, and I'm keeping a low profile, only talking about football when somebody else starts on the topic. The whole city is talking about football, from the train to the queue in your usual anonymous coffee chain.


  1. Just repeat the sentence:
    At least they can´t complain about Wembley anymore
    over and over again.

    Oh, and fire the coach! And the referee!

  2. Congrats on the new job, sound great.

    Then again, it's really just stepping up my game (yes, A LOT) from what I've done.

    You strike me as someone who likes that, maybe even thrives from it.

    It's going to be great. :)

    And no more sock boy, yay you. :))

  3. It's pretty great to see things lining up so nicely for you. Calling you tenacious would be an understatement. ;)

    Hope things continue to go well.

    Go Alex!

  4. Was curious about the new job. It almost seems you'll never be done with the old flat thought! Glad all is going well. You sound revved about the new job, office, surroundings. That's terrific.

    You have another Vadim groupie. Signed, sealed and delivered.

  5. @Kat: Lol - and I keep saying they were robbed!

    @Amora: I do, actually. It's funny how stress and fear boost my quality/productivity at times. I can only keep that up for a few months to a year, but I get a lot of stuff done in the meantime :) And no Sock Boy. The team's awesome - the other editor is a really cool lady (her wiskey voice gives me shivers, too) and my boss man is awesome.

    @Tracy: I just hate losing :)

    @Brita: Nono, this is the last bit. Right now, there's one large suitcase in the old place and the hoover. THAT'S IT. And Vadim - oh yeah. Lived with the guy in my head for 2.5 years. I'm did fall in love with him a little. Any favourite bits?