Sunday 6 June 2010

Happiness is a house

Gods, I've been working hard, lugging boxes, packing and unpacking, rearranging furniture. See how productive I am with limited access to the Internet. (We hope to sort out the connectivity issues today or tomorrow - might need a new router, so investigating that today).

At the moment I'm typing this in the study on my netbook. The study is the barest room in the house - time it gets some love. I did donate my Turkish rug to the library - where it looks simply stunning - once all the boxes are cleared away. The place just seems so large after the cramped, cluttered condition of the flat. All rooms are a good size and a touch larger than they absolutely have to be,which may just be the perfect size for anything.

But yeah, the study has two bookcases, a desk and the computer set up. And a box of clothes to the side. It needs a rug and the shelves need to be filled. The sounds of the keyboard are simply too loud and distract me. And a square-ish Turkish rug would be perfect to add some colour and character. Will definitely take measurements before we head to Turkey. There are plenty of things in Turkey that would make good additions to the house, it's a good place to buy throws and pillow cases that cost an arm and a leg over here.

Next step will be paintings and stuff to hang on the walls. We have a great 1906ies document framed over the original fireplace, and the result is very impressive. There are some walls that need a painting or piece of art to really make the place come alive. I guess hunting for the perfect piece will be a quest of several years, but that's OK, the house isn't going anywhere.

New definition of bliss: waking up in your own house holding your partner, thinking "yeah, all this is ours." I'm not sure how things could get any better.

Right, doing more work on the house now. We're getting there.


  1. Welcome back! Good luck with the plotting and planning - sounds like heaven. ;)

  2. Tracy - Thank you. :) It'll be good. We finish the moving/de-cluttering this week, so after that life should be much calmer.

    Amora - I agree!