Wednesday 16 June 2010


Several things happened today (which otherwise was an unremarkable day of endless slogging and some Sockboy-ness which by now is only bearable because I'm on my last 2 days at that place...and I'm looking forward to shit collapsing behind me... call me vengeful, but I've had it!).

My future boss called "just to catch up" and to make sure I'm keen to join (hell, I'm keen...!), and to give me an idea what to expect. My first feature's deadline, and it's about something I know a fair bit about already. Up to the point where I thought "absolutely, he's making it especially easy for me", but there's no way he can know. So, simple, good luck. And while he said I'll be "very busy", I have 6 weeks to write that feature. How difficult can 4k be? I'm writing that on a good weekend.

I set up the cleaning of the old flat, removed some more crap from there and got a refund from our solicitor, which actually covers a fair bit of the money gap of next month. Whoot. Things are relaxing. Will buy the rest of the furniture once I have a budget for the next 2 months, then look at overall financing for the house, possibly surf mortgages pretty soon as "The Old Lady" is dealing with the UK's 3.4% inflation - the logical reaction if inflation remains high is to increase interest rates, so we'll have to recalculate numbers to make sure we're not paying stupid amounts of money.

The new story feels like a 20-30k affair right now, and people seem to like it. Trademark Aleks, slow and intense and dark. That's what I'll do with this evening - find another 500-1,000 words and then long hot shower and then sleep. Long, tough week.

Countdown is on. Two days. Three days until holiday. Twelve days to new job.

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