Friday 11 June 2010

I wrote - AGAIN

I wrote another thousand words yesterday, finished the second scene and the first chapter of the fantasy story, which still doesn't have a name. Yes, seems the habit is back. Three days in a row could have been an accident, four is a habit.

This is weird writing, much like I used to do it back in ye olden days. I'm getting only very small images and ideas. This one comes as a mosaic, there's, so far, no "bigger picture" and I don't know how it'll end. So I'm not even sure it's a "romance" or can be sold to a "romance publisher".

(I know, all my romance-reading readers are groaning now at their screens). It sure has explicit gay sex and I know there's a core relationship, but I have no clue how and where it's ending, and anyway, I'm only 3k in and really just in the stage of introducing my main character. It's not even a story yet. It's two scenes and a character. It's growing slowly, tenuously, like reaching around in a dark room. It might not even come to anything. I have several stories with intriguing beginning and no end, plot or resolution in sight. I don't have any idea what to do with them, since the little that I *do* have is too good to just throw it away.

And I have an "AWESOME" moment today after sending out my "I'm leaving" email. Guy asked me which place I'm going to. I told him, and he was all "oh wow, good place, and I know your future boss, and he's AWESOME, he's just so cool, congrats on landing THAT job!" Having worked there for ten years and closely with my new boss, his opinion should be pretty well-founded, but I'm immensely gratified that I made The Right Decision there.

Countdown. Next week at this time, I'll clean out my desk and delete what few personal files I had on this machine.

Tonight is packing and moving a few last remaining boxes. It's going to be mostly kitchen and bathroom stuff at this stage. Then throwing away trash and preparing everything for the cleaners to blitz the place. By Monday, we're finally out, and I hope to make some progress organizing the new house over the weekend.

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  1. Oh, I think we will do with the sex, even if the romancce is not the main part!

    You´re almost done! Congrats!

    To perk you up, a co-worker of mine has been moving two months ago and is still trying to put together all the furniture ;)