Monday 7 June 2010

Internet is back - and the muse is beating his wings again

Yesterday I returned from meeting a friend in London to find that my partner has fixed the internet. Instead of using the Virgin-supplied parts, I'm now surfing with a "dongle". The irony, it is staggering. But in any case, I'm back online. I'm also back t work, where Sock Boy is doing his damned best to annoy and demoralize the rest of the team. He's leaving me well alone... but I've been using two opportunities to make him look back - all in the guise of "giving advice". Office politics are fun if you have no job to lose. :)

Then I've been called today for a second interview with Biggest Name in the Business (biggest name EVER in financial journalism... the kinda place that I thought would never possibly be interested in hiring a lowly guy like me that doesn't have a prestigious journalism degree with super honours and gold stars) - I'll have to cancel the interview, but godsdamnit, does that feel GREAT.

The muse has been flapping its wings and demands that I write about a down-and-out swordsman, a prostitute-king, and a fortress by the sea that only survives because people there are are incredibly good at politics. I need a couple names, and I have two sex scenes, both pretty kinky and hot. I've started novels on less.

Right, back to work.


  1. You are just on fire! New great house, or rather home, looks good on you, sounds like your muse is happy in your great new home too. :))

  2. Reminds me - I need to post more photos...