Wednesday 19 May 2010

Counting down the hours

I'm being a good little data monkey today. The muse is still cowering, the poor thing. I hope to pull him out from under the desk and nurse him back to wing-beating health (yes, my muse looks like some gorgeous male, mostly naked angel of death type guy... black wings, long black hair... uhm, who asked?)

Been mailing back and forth to sort out my new contract and so I can resign. I have plenty of holidays left so I should be able to shorten my time here considerably.

In any case, quite happy here.


  1. had to describe your muse? I don't covet enough already? I figured he was awesome're killin' me.

    LOL. Yay happy! and yay for shortened time. :))

  2. *g* Feel free to get your own muse there. Some of them are stunning...