Friday 28 May 2010

House owners

Got a call from the estate agent - the keys have been deposited for us to pick up. We're now officially house owners. After a thriller lasting 11 months, throughout the financial near-apokalypse going on the real world, and a lot of stress, it's done.

Now of course starts the huge work of actually moving stuff and fixing the house up, but all in all, it's done. I'll have a tour of the house tonight after work and make a list of what needs doing first. The actual work of moving stuff in will start on Monday/Tuesday, repairs in Tuesday, delivery of essentials on Wednesday. Move of furniture on Friday. Then it's just about cleaning up the old flat and reclaim deposit and stuff.

After that, some financial engineering that will mean a much cheaper deal on the house. Everything will be done by the time I'm starting the new job, so everything's going great and on time so far. Might still go all wrong, but for the moment, life's looking good.

1 comment:

  1. You so deserve a good looking life ; ) Hugs, Karen