Tuesday 11 May 2010

Derivatives are derivative

Looking good on the interview front - I'm invited back for a second interview, and this time I even know what derivatives are. I'll also look at a job with Major Rating Agency. Making sense of financial gibberish is my bread and butter.

I was kind to sock boy (as if he deserved that) and called him to a face-to-face meeting rather than send him an email, cc'ing my team leader, our superior two steps up, HR and a couple other people. I may have struck the hornet's nest, but then, somebody has to tell him his attitude sucks.

For the moment, I'm entrenching into cold war tactics with him. Let's see who has more courage and guts. I've taken down bigger and better enemies. I even did the calculation of how much I need to make to pay off the mortgage while job hunting. I could meet the payments on a job at Starbucks, which is good to know. Most likely, I could foot the bill if I significantly ramp up my coaching activities.

That's something to look into if I don't get any of the three jobs I'm currently pursuing - all of which pay way more and at least two of them are with way better companies. I'm getting tired of this trainwreck.

Interesting tidbit of the day: sock boy was brought in to "increase productivity" - that's funny, we're doing the job of six people with two old hands (one of her last week, and counting down the minutes), and a newbie who has no clue yet.

So clearly the way to address discontent, frustration, overwork and totally FUCKED work processes (we all share an inbox now and nobody has any visibility what needs doing) - is to bring in some ugly mothereffer from outside who tells us we suck.

Baby, your drill instructor impersonation makes me laugh.


  1. Oh, he sounds like a shouter - is he? I love the shouters. It's like they all have something to prove, when any leader with any brains at all knows that people are more likely to follow you out of loyalty, rather than intimidation.

    I love that business schools everywhere keep turning out these ridiculous screeching widgeons...

  2. He's more a sullen mumbler, really.

    I'm currently applying for a couple jobs where I have to lead people. This company has shown me both exemplary leadership and piss-poor failure. Sock boy is a great example of failure.

    My philosophy is to act as support for my team members rather than acting out a profile neurosis.