Saturday 15 May 2010

The Good Place

My life just rocks at the moment. I'm still exhausted after the roller-coaster of the last 3 weeks, but that should have been the worst. No more sneaking out for interviews and calls from job agents, no more job site surfing at lunch (or during work hours), no more bullshitting. No more fear that the house purchase will fall through. No more money worries about the deposit and rising prices.

I look forward to rocking my old job for the next four weeks. I'm also looking forward to handing over my letter of resignation with a "fuck you, b*tch" smile, decked out head-to-toe in my best pinstripe. I've learnt how to be incredibly rude just with the pitch of my voice. And I can't WAIT.

"Lion of Kent" is off to Carina Press to be proofed and hopefully released in August. Kate and me are done with that one.

My favourite metal band, Sabaton, has released the full new album, "Coat of Arms" on their Myspace page, way before the official launch on 21 May. Check out "White Death" and "Aces in Exile", but "Uprising" is also very good. Can't wait to get my hands on that album and have it on my iPod. I haven't been so excited about a band since Disturbed, Rammstein and Niyaz.

Sabaton helps me write action scenes, which is a Good Thing. I need that energy to do a good one. Thanks guys, for our music and hard work. See you in Munich!

Today, I'm running errands, "running" being the operative word. I have to post the Dreamspinner contracts, a book for Kate, pick up a packet from the depot, pick up a couple titanium rings (and stick one on my partner), throw some paperwork into the solicitor's letter box, and I think then I'll sit down and have a coffee, and a pen and notebook in hand, plotting/thinking on paper.

At some point, the edits for "First Blood" will appear in my inbox, too. And that will require some work. It's fun when the research comes together after the book, but then, at least I'm doing my research, and reading 400 pages about the development of Russian crime while writing my share of the 60k novel in like 3-4 weeks isn't easy. :) No, seriously, though, there will be more background and a couple scenes are missing from Nikita's perspective.

I'll have to get these projects into some kind of order, then power through. Meanwhile, I'll have to ready "Return on Investment" for submission. I think that's pretty much the rest of the year laid out for me.

I do hope the new job entails a lot of travelling and soon. They promised, definitely regular trips to Frankfurt, but since the magazine is global, it's potentially way further than that. I'm always pretty creative and productive while on the road/on the plane. At least I manage to catch up with my reading. I have 4 books here for Elisa Rolle's Rainbow Awards and five for Speak Its Name.

Full schedule. The challenge is now to do it step-by-step and find my rhythm.

ETA: And I just pitched a new idea to Dreamspinner. I must be insane.


  1. I read that whole entry on one breath, so I know you had to have written it that way! I am exhausted and it's your schedule. Congratulations on all the wonderful things that have been happening to you. I was so envious of your new contract then Friday mine came in for the second book in my series.

    I've read Spoils of War and loved it. I also read Forbidden Love and loved it as well. Can't wait to read more of your stuff.

    Take care and breathe.

  2. I read that before I've even had my coffee. Wore me out...I'm taking a nap. Blows my mind how much you do. :))

  3. My huge congrats to you, Aleksandr, on getting the job and being on a great roll in the writing department! I wish you all the best and good luck for the projects yet to come.

    I've been following your blog for quite some time now but kept lurking. I'm like that. But I like very much how you share these tidbits about your writing as well as some personal stuff. Reading it can be inspiring, uplifting and motivating on certain days and just plain exhausting on others. *g*

    I have "Spoils of War" in my TBR, looking forward to reading it. Is "Iron Cross" your WWII/Nazi related story? Sorry for asking but you have so many projects going on that I kind of lost track. I was intrigued when you mentioned writing about this time period.

    Lilli (from the Phade, maybe you remember me; I've been very quiet lately, though)

  4. @Brita: Thank you and congrats on your contract! Whoot! I'm glad you liked Forbidden Love and Spoils - "Deliverance" is still one of my favourite stories, and "Spoils" is great fun - teaming up with Raev is always great. :)

    @Amora: I'm frantically trying to wrap stuff up before I move! But yes, I'm a workaholic.

    @Lilli: Of course I remember you - you have that awesome avatar/profile picture on the Phade! I'm happy to share my gripes and my little triumphs - people tell me my rants make them laugh, so that's a good thing :)

    "Iron Cross" is indeed my solo WWII novel. I have 9 chapters and I need to get it done. I'm hoping that will happen this year, but it's a tough book to write. All the other stories are so much easier.

  5. Whew! You remind me of my Labrador greeting me when I've come home after going out for just a few hours - SO much to tell Mommy!

    ...down, boy.