Monday 17 May 2010

Work is easy

Going to work is so much easier when you have a much better job lined up already. I'll still rock this place, but there's now a huge, glaring searchlight at the end of the tunnel, and there, by the grace of the gods I go. It's simply amazing. It's much less oppressive, I mind it all far less, and I even feel a small pang of "I'll miss you, you and you", and then, in the next breath, "but not you, bitch, and you, asshole."

Today, sock boy looks like a pathetic loser wrecked with profile neurosis and insecurity, and the boss bitch looks like an overworked introvert who simply can't connect to people. The fact we're understaffed looks pretty pathetic, too. If this company was public, I'd have sold my holding in February, or at least opened a side-bet against it.

Just heard my "tentative last day" - 18th June. Which is incidentally the first day of my holiday. I'll now carefully calculate the holidays I have left, and pencil them in to get approved before I hand in my notice. I don't want to give them any reason to revoke my holidays.

I spent yesterday meeting friends in town and London, and I'm now reading "Tarzan of the Apes", which, while dated, it still a pretty good read.

Also read the first of four books I have to read for some other activity, and I've retired my German pseudonym until further notice. I'll consolidate my writing under one name, and keep "vashtan" for other stuff.

Right, now booking holidays...

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