Saturday 8 May 2010

Kidnapped by derivatives

If I'm mostly invisible in the next days, that's due to having been kidnapped by derivatives. I have to prepare for a second interview at Huge Financial Information Provider (the kinda place that could crush my current place into dust if they wanted), and the guy I talked to in the first interview said: "Next time we meet, we'll talk derivatives."

It sounded like a challenge.

Since I only know the bare basics of equities (say, public equity like stocks and private equity like the stuff I've been dealing with the last 2.5 years), this opens up a field of finance I have no clue about, but the first glimpses of the field are tantalizing.

It's also enormous. Way, way larger than anything I've ever dealt with before. So, yeah, I'm off to town to get a book on futures. I have a book on options here, and will begin eating it. Soy sauce should add a little taste.

The last three days kicked my writing around like an abused puppy, but I'll get back to it hopefully tomorrow. Also expecting edits for "Lion of Kent" tonight. If all goes well, "Lion" comes out in July from Carina Press (we've agreed to the contract offer, contracts will be soon in the post, we're editing, so I guess I'm allowed to talk about it). Pretty excited about it all, but most of all, the house.

I'm still not sure whether I can/should relax about it all - what can go wrong now? Is there anything that can go wrong now? I'm not sure I want to ask the estate agent, those people probably hate me by now. But in any case, I've begun to start compiling a list of what needs doing and when and in what order.

I think I'll just pop into the estate agent and ask them how stuff proceeds from now on. Possibly get some flowers/chocolates for the ladies, too. This was one hard transaction.

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