Saturday 22 May 2010


We just returned from measuring the rooms in Casa Voinov - and I noticed all the little things I love about that place and several things I really want to change come time and money. Good news first - we'll be able to fit all the bookshelves (and likely a little extra). If you enter the house, you'll be immediately struck by how many books the inhabitants have... six bookshelves in the "library" alone, and then more upstairs. The library will also be the dining room, with the table there then serving as a research place (so I don't get distracted by the internets).

Just walking through it, my memory of the place was severely wrong. The living room is larger than I remember, the library smaller, the corridor much shorter, and the bedroom a little smaller. But since the previous owner is now moving out, stuff's strewn around the place making it busier. It's the kind of place that needs to be tidy to look larger, so part of my job will be to enforce that nothing lies around. Well, good luck with that. :)

It's around 98sqm, so, while small, it's sufficient for two, very nicely proportioned and has a ton of potential when it comes to kitchen, garden and bathroom.

Right now, we're packing up stuff and organizing the move and what goes where. Kicking out a load of stuff we'll never need or read, and while my heart bleeds a little for all the books, some will have to go.

But we're on track for everything here. Walking through that house, it's all becoming very real. It's a pretty good feeling. We'll have that place before the month's up and will be moved before June's done. And right after the move, we're off to Turkey for a week. Upon our return, I'm starting the new job. Perfect timing.

The writing suffers with my obsession over the move and the job and the house, but all that's really to be expected. I still did the last look-through for "Lion of Kent", and will enjoy myself now doing the cover forms.

Once I'm done, it's probably dark. And that's when the muse usually comes out to play. Maybe I'll get a few words down, but I wouldn't mind at all getting some work done on To Catch a Spy, which I want to send out soon. The other stuff will have to wait a little. Patience.

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